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Site Selection Environmental Studies
Site Development Cost Estimating
Feasibility Studies  Master Planning
Decisions during the project planning phase are crucial to success. Informed planning enriches the project by ensuring that it meets the owner's goals and pragmatic needs while respecting the site's contextual characteristics. N15 approaches projects from a holistic approach based on years of project on the islands. The unique location demands an intimate understanding of community and environmental influences which can vary from site to site, even within the same village. At the conclusion of the planning process, N15 will produce a summary of the requested studies and compile comprehensive program recommendations.


Project Management Stakeholder Engagement Engineering Design Coordination Interior Design & Landscape Coordination Permitting Management  Architectural Design Sustainable, Cost Effective Building Solutions
A buildings main purpose is to be useful and ideally to elevate the overall experience of the users. Taking the project from a sketched concept to a build ready plan is full of opportunities to improve the building. In the role of overall project manager or leading a singular task, N15 collaborates with stakeholders to ensure the project is adaptable, lasting and relevant. We offer an understanding of relationships between the federal and local government structures, between local community and developing business and between the stunning views and powerful environmental events.


Bid Management Material Sourcing
Construction Management Scheduling
Occupancy Permits
When the developed program moves from paper concept to tangible materials, N15 has developed a stringent and adaptable method to efficiently reach individual milestones. Our project managers will pre-qualify suppliers and contractors based on real-life knowledge in the region. Advocating for the client, N15 will guide the program with focus on the schedule and budget. Every step of construction represents quality assurance and safety. By streamlining the build process, N15 is able to handover reliable projects that are ready for occupancy.
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