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Our Firm

N15 Architects is an interdisciplinary firm specializing in projects inspired by place & purpose: promoting a tropical lifestyle through careful consideration of environs, materials, and techniques. We understand that our projects are part of the humanistic experience and lead projects that improve the villages they are built-in.

Each project is unique in its requirements. N15 provides thoughtful and rigorous service from site development to construction administration. Founded in Saipan, we have now expanded to offices in Guam. Our internationally trained team is supported by a network of engineering consultants that create client-centered solutions that address image, cost, context, function and technology.

"The Built environment is rooted in a particular place and must respond to natural characteristics and cultural essence while benefitting the occupants"

Our Name

Architecture and engineering are intricately connected to their place and a successful project approach responds to these resolute conditions. N15 Architects was established in the Northern Mariana Islands, a tropical rain forest climate within the northern longitude 15°. A location is simultaneously known for breathtaking vistas and unique environmental factors. Inspired by the natural beauty and engaging modern innovations, the design team develops projects that make the most of their location both aesthetically and functionally.


Our Story

Inspired by the challenges and opportunities of tropical architecture, Chris Fryling founded N15 Architects in 2002. Early projects in the firm ranged from public school and government utilities to commercial projects and private residences.

As the firm grows experience and capabilities, the management team has expanded to include Sarah Fryling and Winfred Camacho; each of whom brings a different background to the dynamic firm. Most recently the firm has expanded beyond the boundaries of Saipan and set up offices in Guam. The diverse background of the team allows N15 to offer services from site selection to owner occupancy.

The economic resurgence in the region has witnessed a demand for commercial building. While the projects are larger in size, the principals of environmental integration and community betterment are still key for every project. N15 continues to approach each project with integrity and mindfulness to highlight the Islands' natural potential while conserving its beauty.


the N15 difference

International Team. Today's planning and design challenges are overcome through the utilization of specialists from around the globe: N15 has developed a network of consultants to provide a range of services to our clients.

Design solutions that enhance the experience. Seemingly small details during the design & construction phase can greatly affect the functionality of the final product. The N15 team is committed to providing practical real-world alternatives, from the concept to structure to finishes.

Client-centered communication. Collaboration is pivotal to successful projects and clear communication is at the forefront of N15's business model. This ensures clients are kept up to date with their investments throughout the process.

Cost vs Benefit analysis. The N15 team will offer alternatives to both building and finishing materials, ensuring the suitability for the location. All suggested materials will be code compliant while considering their effect on the project aesthetically and economically during construction and throughout the project life.

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