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Place & Purpose

From Humble Beginnings

N15 has grown to a multidisciplinary solution-based firm with a portfolio of successful projects representing a commitment to our values and ethos. We understand that each project has a unique
story and purpose, it is our work to interpret it.

Dynamic Customer Service

N15's core team and a network of consultants share a goal to deliver authentic, reliable service.
Excellent service is embedded in our company culture and we look for partners that reflect these same
values. Through the collaboration of experts in individual fields, we are able to overcome today's
intense planning, design, and building challenges.

Optimizing the Potential

We design and construct high-performance projects that go beyond the item to the user
experience considering goals, context, and social interaction. Rather than accepting
arbitrary solutions, we carefully consider materials and details that are specific
to the nature of the program and site.

Integrating in Communities

We value and respect the cultural nuances of the islands. We belong to the
communities that our projects are built in, providing insight into the program.
Our designs reflect the client, echo the unique environment and
enhance the community context.

Environmentally Responsible, Financially Beneficial

N15 strives to be innovative, designing and building projects that are modern,
functional and will span the test of time. We recognize that smart projects connect
space with the wellness. Technology is constantly changing and traditional
solutions are often no longer the most beneficial. Green building is no longer
the expensive option, N15 capitalizes on new technology that benefits
the budget and building operation.
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