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Expedited On-Site Construction

Core Homes are designed by a U.S. licensed architect and structural engineer for unique environmental conditions as well as labor and material accessibility in the Marianas region.

Concrete materials from foundation to roof eliminates deterioration from environmental conditions and destructive termite habitation, ensuring structural integrity over time. Additionally, Core Homes are insurable because they are fully concrete. The Core Home building system is designed to alleviate the structural stress caused by earth quakes and extreme wind conditions. The completed Core Home structure meets all U.S. building codes and is rated for 225pmh winds, a rating higher than the current International Building Code requirement. Utilizing pre-fabricated units reduces specialized labor and decreases construction time significantly. 


Stated simply, the homeowner can enjoy their investment sooner!

& Sustainable 

Weather Resistant Design


Island Homes,  Island Living

Prototype 1

2 bedroom 1 bathroom

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Contact N15 - Discuss Possibilities

Building homes can be complicated, so let N15 be your expert! Our project managers are experienced with residential building in Saipan and will work with you to layout a comprehensive plan. Our initial discussion will identify client specifics such as property identification, the ideal house model, and funding options.


Exploratory Site Assessment



N15 will conduct an exploratory assessment of your proposed site to begin consideration of home placement and orientation, permitting needs, property grading and identifying potential concerns. The exploratory assessment involves a fee, which will be credited to your final bill should you purchase and move forward.


Choose a Core Home

Utilizing the information gathered in the exploratory phases, you are able to identify the ideal Core Home.

Included in Core Home Model

  • Insulated concrete walls and roof, sealed with exterior coating / interior paint

  • Corrosion-resistant windows

  • Typhoon-grade fiberglass doors

  • Standard CUC connection points

  • Electrical wiring and utilitiy piping

  • Assembly on-site

  • Solid interior doors

  • Kitchen cabinets, counters, ventilation hood and sink

Core Homes are Expandable

Using the prefabricated pieces, the 2-bedrooom home can be developed to include additional living areas, bedrooms, a garage, storage or patios. Homes can be expanded on one level or converted to two-level residences.

Items to Consider

Site Prep

Site Utilities

Finishing Work


Pre-Designed Models

Two Bedroom:  609ft²

Two Bedroom with Carport: 916ft²

Three Bedroom: 846ft²

Three Bedroom with Extended Living: 1,526ft²

with Potential for Sustainability

Core Homes emphasize island sensibility in home building, which means mitigating the effects of natural disasters while preparing for the aftermath. Walls and roofs are insulated to reduce heat gained from the tropical sun while maximizing the effects of in-house cooling through the reduction of air seepage. Core Homes are designed to easily add self-reliant elements, ensuring home-owners are prepared. The sloped roof design accumulates rainwater at one central point to facilitate a rain catchment system. The house also is designed electrically to support solar panels.


Order Your Home,

Begin Site Preparation

N15 will order your home from the factory. Your home-site will be prepped by laying the concrete slab for the structure.



Quality Control

Site preparations will happen simultaneously while your Core Home sections are being produced under highly-controlled factory conditions. The repeated, production-line assembly ensures reliable standards while the absence of weather conditions eliminates environmental delays found in conventional methods.


Erect Home on Site,

Complete Finishings

Core Homes will be delivered and transported from the port to each home site. Carefully planning all the details prior to home production translates into speedy site time. Experienced crews will assemble pre-fabricated sections and interior finishes. The absence of on-site changes and waiting on contractor specialists means that homes are constructed in less than one month.

Move Into Your Home!


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